L.J.S. Goes Green


It says that a product or service has been tested according to science based procedures, that is works as well or better than others in its class, and that it has been evaluated without bias or conflict of interest. The "Earth Friendly Approved Seal" has come to stand for reliability, fairness, and integrity.

The “Earth Friendly Foundation,” is an ecological nonprofit foundation, dedicated to supporting environmental protection. The foundation is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to safeguarding the environment and creating change in the way manufacturers develop new products, by promoting the purchase and use of environmentally responsible products. The foundation supports a variety of environmental projects including the salvation and preservation of the Great Lakes here in the United States. The foundation provides funding for these and many other worthwhile projects by donating funds received from manufacturers who submit their products to the foundation for extensive testing, who upon successful completion of these tests are awarded the use of the foundation's "Earth Friendly Approved Seal." L.J.S. Signs has earned the "EARTH FRIENDLY APPROVED SEAL," by submitting their products for evaluation and providing the documentation that all lumber used in the manufacture of their sign posts comes from re-planted and managed timber resources. L.J.S. has been authorized by the foundation to use and display the seal on all of their products.

How does this help your company?

  • Your Company, when using the posts installed by L.J.S. will be able to use the earth friendly approved logo on all printed material
  • Your Company will be able to use the earth friendly logo in conjunction with all advertising and multi-media campaigns
  • Your Company will be able to demonstrate environmental responsibility by going green and doing your part to support sustainable resources
  • All sign posts installed for Your Company will have the earth friendly approved logo installed on all L.J.S. posts

These are some of the "Added Value" Benefits that your company receives when selecting L.J.S. Signs as their "Managed Partners for Profit"