Frequently Asked Questions

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A: All orders must be placed on the website order form to insure accuracy.
A: You may still place the order, but the two working day service policy will not apply. Customers being serviced in areas without map coverage must give us complete directions or extra charges may apply.
A: We will email you a confirmation email when you place your order and a confirmation email after the task has been reported complete.
A: Please enter any special instructions under the "Post Location & Other Information" field on the order form. Please use as much space as necessary.
A: Our office is open Monday thru Friday, 8 a.m.- 5 p.m. (EST). Please feel free to call us. Our phone numbers are:

A: Within two business days following the day you order it.

Any order placed by 4pm on: Will be installed no later than the end of the day:
Monday Wednesday
Tuesday Thursday
Wednesday Friday
Thursday Monday
Friday Tuesday

Please remember also that New Years Day, Memorial Day, The Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are Federal Holidays that do not count as business days.
A: Almost all of the orders we receive are completed within those two days. In fact, 75% of the work requests we receive are completed the next day! However, there are some things that can delay a request. Providing us with incorrect information, or going outside of your regular service area (20 miles or more) are two reasons. Severely inclement weather is another.
A: We always try to comply with our customers request, but we cannot guarantee service on any particular day. The best suggestion is to give us the information, but inform your homeowners that we require two days to complete the service request.
A: Our policy is to request all communication remain strictly between the agent and the homeowner. Please inform them that we will service the task during the two business days after you request it.
A: We will do our best to contact the installer, but please have a contingency planned in case we cannot reach them. Even with modern conveniences such as pagers, cellular phones, and computers, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to stop them. Explain to the homeowner to keep watch for the installer. Our installers are always directed to follow the homeowners request, and if the homeowner chooses to cancel the request on site, our installers will be happy to comply. If we are able to contact the installer prior to arriving at the property, there will be no charge.
A: Due to the high volume of post-signs we install on any given day, it is not possible to meet our customers at the site at a particular time. The best way to insure we place the post where you would like it, is to place a marker. We suggest:

1. Stakes with ribbons.
2. Metal frames or directional arrows.
3. Yellow marker flags that we sell at a nominal cost.
--Check in your office, they may have some already!

We require that you place a marker for properties that have underground sprinklers, invisible dog fences, etc. If we get to the property and no marker is present, we will not install the post. A service call charge will apply for us to go back when the marker has been placed. Also, if you fail to inform us that the property has an underground sprinkler, invisible dog fence, etc., we will not be responsible for any damages.

If we are told to look for a marker on a property without special circumstances, and there is no marker present, our installer will use their best judgment. We do this to avoid delay and to save you the cost of a service call. If you dislike the location, there will be a service call charge to move it.
A: We will be happy to install your riders on the post-sign if they are left at the property. Tell us where they are under "Post Location & Other Information" on the website order form, so we know where to look for them. You can even tell us which position to place each rider, all at not additional cost!
A: It is suggested that you remove your riders and any other materials prior to ordering the removal. However, if that was not convenient, we will take your riders and other materials off the post-sign and leave them by the front door or front porch, somewhere out of the way, but not hidden. If the post-sign was on a lot, we will leave them on the ground, where the post-sign was installed. Make sure to go back by the property to pick them up!
A: Many times, agents forget to go back by the property and pick up the riders, directional arrows, or metal frames you were using to supplement the post-sign. The other possibility is that the homeowner pulled up the post-sign and placed it in the garage, shed, or other inaccessible place, and we were not able to retrieve it. There is a charge to go back to retrieve it.
A: We will place the post anywhere you like on the property as long as it is safe and legal, and you inform us on the order where you would like it. If you choose, however, to allow us to use our best judgment, and then disagree with our selection, there is a service call charge to go back and move it.
A: We guarantee our workmanship and materials for 30 days from the date the post-sign was installed, and we will service the post free of charge within that time period.

If the post has been up for longer than 30 days, there is a service call charge to reinstall it.
A: Yes, any service requests due to vandalism, car damage or other causes are chargeable.